Getting Started About Me

HI I’m Melani.

The End.

Oh wait, you want more? =)

 I’m just a 20-something girl who has one foot here on fantasy and one foot on reality,in whose life reality never meets fantasy. I dream all day for self-amusement and am addicted to happiness. I am not what I studied, I am not what I work, I am not what I dreamt I would be.Its still okay to be that way and I believe in sin and karma.

 I love music. And books. And clothes. And food. And music. And shoes. I love Poniyin Selvan and the movie Kanda Naal Mudhal and my blog is a place where I write about all of these things, and a whole lot more! My mind is a busy place, and writing helps me to de-clutter my head and perhaps find some clarity.

I have maintained an internal blog all this while in my office and importing all the posts to this public blog , so that i give you my gyaan and wise words for your happier living too.

 I hope you like it here. You’re welcome to stay for as long you wish.



Tell Me What You Feel

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