List of Small Little Things that will make you HAPPY

Happiness is a choice and I chose to be happy. I ve been asked so many times how I manage to be happy (tho I have a lot of things to rant/complain about and make a fussy drama about it). So there I had an answer “Small plus small plus big equals

Path to happiness is not something when you get an Oscar Award or when you get into Harvard University or when you get first bucket in your appraisal rating. Its when you learn the art of being contented with the small little things you experience in every small instance. I have my own customized list of small little things(beleive if fits in yours too) which makes me happy below and I am planning to update it time and again.. not necessarily in the order. You can add your own onto the comments section. Had I known anyone in this blog world, would have started a meme. Feel free to tag anyone from here.

• One hour shower bath-singing and dancing(need not be embarrassed that you are not a good dancer)
• Having roadside panipuri-esp the one,opp to little Italy in nungambakkam
• Reading the last page of a novel(curiosity kills the cat)
• Going home for the weekend-where you can be you,not having to worry about brushing or not taking bath…nobody even cares cos they know how dirty one can get
• When your supervisors are late to office(silently prays that they don’t get to read this)
• Listening to your favorite play list ,that too when there is nobody for your company
• When you read others blog and you feel happy that your life is 1000 times better that theirs
• When you pray and believe that the supreme force is sumwhere around you

• Receiving flowers and gifts(particualrly when you bug your friends to get you bouquets and chocolates on Vday, just cos you have always been single)
• One month countdown to your bday, newyear or any other long awaited occasion.
• When everyone you see wishes you on your birthday
• When you watch a wonderful masala movie(brownie points if its got cheesy romantic lines)
• Day dreaming with super-high-fantasies
• First sip of saravana bhavan filter coffee
• After a Sheekai hair wash
• When they give you extra neck massage in the parlor cos you are friends with that parlor girl.
• Leaning on your dads chest(The security you feel and when you give a damn to this world)
• Listening to peppy songs when sitting on the backseat of a two wheeler over a bridge(even fun when you losen your arms like flying)
• Holding hands with your loved ones.
• That moment when only you still laugh for a joke when others have already stopped.
• When only you find things funny when others are seriously discussing about it
• Girls talk when you get back to your room even if you are dead tired after work
• When you see romantic scenes from movies like Roja,Jillunu Oru Kadhal,Ghajini Asin,Thalapathi(and the list goes on)
• When the road side dog konjuifies you when you get back to your room
• When your old dress fits you perfectly with no flaws(collar thooki-uttufy)
• When all of a sudden you feel you tummy shows only a little bulge.(when it is actually big)
• First bite of pizzas and lasagna in your favorite italian restaurant
• When you dance cut loose(not bothered who thinks what)
• Extra minutes of sleep you get( I keep alarm at 4 everyday to only make me realize that I ve got another too hours to sleep,even more happy on weekends)
• When you walk after rain(provided the roads are neat,try annanagar when metro works are over)
• When someone hugs you when you need it most.
• When someone smiles at you
• Cuddling in the bed on lazy mornings
• Walking bare feet on grass(feeling grass and sand between your toes is the awesomest thing on earth)
• Walking in the beach either in the morning or evening,the cold breeze hitting your skin
• Watching sunset and sunrise
• Seeing a full moon from mottamadi,particularly when its hid slytly behind the tree leaves
• When you listen to entha poovinulum vassam varum song
• When you look clean and fresh all through out the day
• When you get the window seat when you commute by bus
• When your dad brings pepsi home when cooked biryani for lunch
• When you listen to 80’s and 90’s song
• When you suddenly realize how much you are blessed

• When you read passages about kunthavai in poniyin selvan
• When you extend help to someone and see how much they are happy about it
• When your dad takes you out for a ride/drive
• The random song that comes up in shuffle play listand makes you think, “YAY! I love this song!”
• Coffee – any time, anywhere
• Afternoon power naps
• When you smell good after bath with rich soaps and shampoos
• When you find your lost things
• When a kid smiles at you
• When you see colorful flowers(the ones in TCO corridor too)
• When you lie down in the bed happily while it rains outside heavily
• When your mom hugs you everytime you leave home
• When you laugh brushing away your tears
• The thrill when you visit a new place
• Bed coffee
• Evening ginger tea
• Getting absorbed in Poniyin Selvan

• When you smell babies
• When you secretly drink gripe water which is for the baby
• When you chose the right flavor on your hotdog or icecream(especially when your friend is not happy with what they have ordered)
• Getting rid of the tight clothes when you reach home(which you have managed to wear the whole day,for the sake of looking good)
• When you find the right fit dress on super discount sale
• When you stare in front of the mirror and find you beautiful at that particular day/time
• When you come in formals forgetting its friday today( so that you need not work one more day)
• When you draw on a misty mirror
• When you sing-and when the only audience is you.
• When you see wonderful fireworks(though you have principles against child labor,you forget them when you lookat the sky)
• When you hear birds chirp
• When someone laughs even at your stupid jokes
• When people call you sunshine or any other cute names
• When you get the the last spoon of dessert when shared with soemone
• When your office crush talks to you
• When your hair is naturally bouncy curly when you are right form your bed
• Someone gives you a lift from office
• When your office toilet is dry and clean
• When your roomies/siblings are bunking office/college,so that you need not get up early to use the batroom
• When you watch green trees or shrubs or plants or wateva green
• When you happily stretch your push back seat to lean
• When your office bus driver stops exactly where you want to get down thereby you needn’t have to walk much
• When you weep seeing a movie(recommended:PS I love you,sweet November,Vanatai pola,Unnai ninaithu etc)
• When you can surf OC/free WIFI
• When you lick the left overs on a chocolate paper
• When you exactly remember how you spent every penny after a shopping marathon(ask a girl and she knows how tough it is)
• When you have chilled bournvita in one single gulp
• When your friends declines your incoming call and calls you back(haan jii,saves your money)
• When somebody compliments you,be it for your dress, hairstyle ,nailpolish or anything you hardly noticed in you.
• When you can walk easily with your high heel(no embarrassment of slipping)
• When you sleep on a clean bedsheet

Keep adding:-)


One thought on “List of Small Little Things that will make you HAPPY

  1. That is a long list but you know what.. i am a staunch beleiver in small thjings that makes you happy that most of us tend to ignore… Lovely list… I have to agree with almost all of it :)Regards,Balaji Nagarajan

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