Why do i Blog?

I have no idea why others blog or how I got into this blog world.  This minute- if you ask me what  my passion is,I would answer BLOGGING.When I was young, I used to write down on my journal and read it when I was alone. Everytime I read it,I turn nostalgic.Also, I was the only reader of what I wrote
Later when I was introduced to internet ,I started blogging. I let others read what I write( not everything tho)Technically it all started, cos I want others to read what I write.So I Publish them-Yes you don’t need to approach a PRESS to publish your write-ups.More than everything,I had freewill to write anything I wanted to. Nobody would edit it…nobody would question me why I wrote it.. neither does it make me answerable.

Well there are other reasons for me to blog.I write: To express myself. To confess things.To pass the message to others. To convey someone what I wouldn’t tell them in person(it gives me a lot of courage this way).To entice some. To nag myself. To analyse.To share what I experience.

I blog to let others know the ups and downs of my mind and my life.Perhaps, I blog to talk to my inner self. Maybe I blog to astonish myself and others with my WISDOM.


One thought on “Why do i Blog?

  1. Well it is a good way of expressing what you want without thinking twice about how it will be received..Hence I say it is all good.Regards,Balaji Nagarajan

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