Pic for Matrimonial Purpose :-)

“ Baby, please put your chin down”
Arrghh, how ironic it is when the only person calling you a  “babe”  is a 40-year old bald photographer.
I was at the photo-studio to take a picture , in my blue sari. I zeroed on the blue sari, when that was the most liked picture in my face book profile. No of likes:60-not joking.
I am a plain Jane and I have given so many pictures taken in my mobile, also the above mentioned blue sari pic to my dad for wedding purpose. But it’s very difficult to convince a dad, who thinks his daughter is some princess on earth. He says ” get me a better pic” as though he is on search for his calendar girl. And my mom wanted a  pic in which I would look like a daughter-in-law  every mother in law would crave for.
So, now that the pictures have come, I wonder who that girl is who I see  in the pic .  A high alert alarm buzzed on my mind.  I shook my head to confirm what I was seeing. Definitely not me!!! At least it doesn’t look like me. I look like an anemic rasagula. I appreciate the photographer has done a fabulous job in making me fairer. How did the photographer manage to come up with something like that?
I wonder the creator learns a little lesson from this photographer, so that all his creation looks effortlessly beautiful.
So my point now here is, why give the boy a picture which doesn’t look like me and disappoint him when he sees me later? What if he reacts” this is not girl I said yes to ,on seeing the pic?”
I am lost here. I am not going to share this pic. But I could put them on my facebook profile and title it as “honestly photo-shopped”?
As I am writing this, I have shared the pic on my wall. Likes anyone?

2 thoughts on “Pic for Matrimonial Purpose :-)

  1. Lovely write up!! I have always loved the way I look in photos taken from my dabba phone 🙂 A hazy picture without the actual curves always amaze you. The ones taken by a photographer is so clear. It definitely does not look me. All decked up, hair done, going through the pain of choosing the 'right' saree… awwww so much! And when you share it on your wall, you would see 'likes' immediately, but also attached with the comment "Ohhhh ready for marriage… lovely pic" 🙂 The devil in me came out and I had managed to upload my mobile pics in the matrimony website 🙂

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