Cupid strikes the two for once- Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: Dude/dudette its completely fiction.P.S: This is my pathetic first attempt in trying to write something which hasn’t happened in my eventful life. How I wish it was true. So this post is open to criticism. Please don’t mind the loose ends, which I had no idea how to cover up. The whole idea was inspired from the movie Teri Meri Kahaani-where their phones get exchanged while they bump into each other.So after the train tickets fiasco(Read my previous post), my kind soul (dada) managed to get me a bus ticket to my place. I have stayed away from traveling alone for a really long time cos my brain being a busy place never stops thinking. This time, I can’t brush them off.

I got into the bus and occupied my seat. Opened my window panel and gazed outside and let my mind wander in its own world.

Career and relationships are two messed up categories in my life.

I wonder how people have their whole career plot chalked out. Even my younger sis has a five year plan. I am here in an IT job to which I nowhere relate to. I feel dim that way.

I think I should be a home maker. Not that, I am some responsible person dying to raise three good children. But cos I could live of someone else’s money and watch tv all day. Could even try my hands on cooking. Mind was way too preoccupied with other things.

And relationships, it’s even more screwed up. Why it always, the person you like is obviously likes someone else? Why can’t the cupid strike the two of us together? And on top of it, all the good ones were already taken-either married or committed.

I woke up next morning, with the bus cleaner shouting out the place I had to get down. I got up with the thought wondering why a human mute button wasn’t invented yet. I checked out the time to see it was only 4 a.m.His voice got deafening, as I swiftly fetched my bags. I bumped into someone and happened to drop my phone.

The cleaner guy’s stare scorched me. I picked my phone and got down so that I could rush home and crash on my own bed. It was not even early morning by my standards.

This time my phone rang aloud. I wondered since when I started liking English songs to set it as my ring tune. It was an unknown number. As I turned to silence the ringtone, something hit me hard. It was my mobile number. Me getting a call from my own number? Ridiculous..Panic attack…

Ghosts really do exist?

I answered the call.

He:“Hello Mel?” *its not a ghost, it actually talks”
Me:“Yes, and you are?”
He:“Krish, I think our phones got exchanged in the bus”
Me:“How did you get my number?” I fired without a pause.
He:“Well I did not have to know your number if I was calling my number right?” I could hear him resisting his snicker at the other end.
He: “So let us meet and exchange our phones? “
Me: “Okay let us meet first thing now. I might miss some important calls” I beamed.
*What important call? Nobody even bothers to call me, except for my roommate who calls me when I get late while taking a stroll in the nearby park*
He: “I am a bit tied up now. Can we meet this evening?”
Me:“Okay DSF plaza coffee shop at 6.30? I suggested
He: “It’s a date then” he finished.
He was grinning. What was so funny in this? And how come he is so cool and composed? Does he lose his mobile every alternate day? No panic at al..
Me:“What if your girl friend calls me and I pick the call? ”
He:“ I am single” now yes, the reply was curt..
“Ok bye” “bye”

I checked out the phone again. It was the same galaxy ace which I was using too. But a different wallpaper. A white pearl in a black background was his wall paper. And it was locked with a security pin. Darn.

By 6.45, I walked in and scanned every table to see if there was someone familiar. There was a man in his late twenties, with dark black hair. Tall and dark. Must be 6 feet..He waved his hand at me. There, it was a scintillating smile. I melted like an ice-cream under the scorching sun on a summer afternoon.

He: “hi Mel .. here is your phone” sounded more confident and his voice had its own charisma.
I returned his phone. “Coffee?” he asked.
“Fine.. sure” He placed our order .
Me:“So Krish, how did you know my name?”
He: “Your phone is not locked” he grinned.
‘How dare you could go through my phone’ I thought.
He: “I checked out your phone, to see if I could get some details of the rightful owner” with THAT(Read above to know) smile. He had read my mind.

We checked our phones one last time to ensure that there was no err this time. After an awkward handshake, we parted ways.

Five minutes later, I got a new message alert.

Krish: “Coffee tomorrow? ”


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