Train Fiasco

I am going home in next three weeks. So I will stop washing clothes from today and take it home to be washed.( Yes that lazy I am…)2-July-Monday:
I told my roomies that I am leaving home this weekend and asked them to make alternate plans.

I bought a pink dupatta and bottom for the white kurthi I bought last month. Will my sister say I am pretty in that dress?*ponders about it*

I packed my shampoo, conditioner, matching slippers for the white kurthi and checked every item on my to-take-home list.

Friday :
9:00 a.m:
I ping my manager to tell him that I am leaving home and so I have to start early this evening

5.00 pm (DOT)
Walks out of my bay with a glee on my face.

Waits with my big bag of unwashed clothes ,for my friend to pick me up from my hostel

Just got my idiyapam and gravy parceled. Reminds myself *Mom has asked me to eat only steamed stuff when I travel*

Waits in the platform for the 7.45 train to my place.

Friend gets me the water bottle and asks me “Have you taken a print out of your ticket?”

Bites nail like playing a mouthorgan… eyes bulges ten times as the woman who made her Guinness record…thousand questions pop up… next moment they all go in a zig-zag movement.… mind goes blank… almost at the verge of crying as I say “ I forgot to book my tickets”

That awesome I am….


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