I Wish

I wish

That we had a popcorn machine in our workplace

That I can stay at home and watch tv all day, but receive my pay slip every month end without fail

Or at least I can work at my ease, 3 days a week, 4 hours a day and get paid like the CEO

That I could eat everything I like and still manage to not get fat

That I could comb my hair and don’t find any hair sticking to my comb

That I stop beautifying ppts and start making an actual one

That my growing tummy decides to obey me from now on

That I open my wardrobe and always find something new and nice to wear everyday

That I never had to pay my credit card bills

That I had a lovely boyfriend who is romantic, knows how to cook, also has a good road and civic sense but vanishes every time I wanted to be with my girlies

That I never have to say good bye to anyone

That I came to office by helicopter every day ,skipping traffic

That everything on flipkart was for free

That someone sponsored a world trip for me and my girlies and also for my supervisor to grant me my long vacation leave

That I stop looking at someone’s nose when they are having a serious conversation with me

That every webpage I found interesting was not blocked here in office

That I could write a sensible blog for once :-)

Am I asking for more?


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