Writer’s Diarrhea

Bits of posts-posted all-in-one to stop spamming your inbox..social service you see.. :-)Off late, have been reading many bloggers tea-table-talk about “writers block” Whom are we kidding here? It makes me feel I have a writers diarrhea syndrome.Okay, back to the point.The two posts stay put on my drafts for a long time, which is now edited and posted here.in which I introduce to you my giggly girls gang-1.

Post1:Balloon shooting

So yesterday, given that it was a month end and cos all of us had turned paupers(read here) twenty days back- we decided to go to marina.

With only fifty rupees each, three of us walked towards the plank for shooting balloons and agreed on a deal. The one who guns down the minimum number of balloons will sponsor for the molaga bajjis to follow.
Me being the heroic of all, shot 7 out of ten..mind you, all targeted ones(no blind shooting)

Roomie2: shot 4/10
Roomie3: after 5 failed rounds, now looked at me with those sad eyes, like a puppy which needed help

I enter the scene now, and give her all the tiny details I knew about this shooting business.

As instructed, She aims at her half brown-half blue balloon. Holds her breath after she sets her target. Fires.
THUDDDD goes the lamp.

She missed her target and shot the lamp besides the balloon. After all the mercy pleading, we were made to sit like an accused in k3 police station.

What next? We had to call one of my roomies boyfriend so that her knight in shining armor came to rescue his damsel(s) in distress and not to forget,we all got our mollaga bajjis too :-)


Disclaimer: You might have to stop reading it here ,if you don’t like any nasty/gross/disgusting jokes.

P.S: Alert again, stop reading if you have any second thoughts about it and stop judging me once your done with your reading.

VENUE: My room

CAST: Anupa –My new malayali roomie Me: the same devilish person

Anupa: Melani, where is “gundy?”
Me:lol…*breaks into a fit of laughter*
Anupa: Whats wrong? *asks me with her jyothika like big eyes*
Me: Ask me again *continues laughing”
Anupa: where is “gundy?”

Finally, after all my laughing was over. I turned back to show her where “gundy” is. You get the drift? ;-)

Oh, please don’t give me that glare now ,for posting such cheap blogs :-( it hurts ;-)


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