Getting High on Comments

So what makes you get high?This minute if you ask me, comments on my blog post makes me go high that playing 1000 illayaraja songs on loop would fail to do.Such is the power. Such is the bond I share with my blog.

I ve always wondered how a simple press on a radio button(Follow Button) could make my day. That defines my happiness here at office.

On the other news, I ve been beautifying PPTs(i.e changing background colors, changing dates) endlessly for last one week. I am so obsessed that I dream about PPT with slides shows. Yes,it is that creepy.

And on reading Aishus Blog, I was reminded of my problems encountered with Maths in my school days. You might call me strange, but I count with my toes too ;-) Toes come in to picture when I have a tough problem where I have to subtract any number from 11 to 19 with any other number. Say 13-9 , I always had to bend down to touch my toes to see how many are left over, to give them my answer. So pathetic I was. And my mom(Ramanujam of my family) came up with this bloody brilliant idea.

Little did she know that her precious daughter would get humiliated every time she started to count. I once wore slippers for my maths exam,since shoes made my task difficult. Anyway I digress.
This practice gushes in me every now and then. Recently, the keerai-kattu karan was startled to see me getting uncomfortable with something in my toes. Poor thing, how does he know about my counting habits.

So , Please tell me your weird habits and what all makes you high on my comments section ;-)

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