Humor Contest

I was in my second year college then, fifteen minutes before my semester practical exams I realized that I had forgotten my labcoat. Coming from a strict college, I was very sure they would not let me do my practicals without a lab coat at home. My smarty friends asked me to rush to hostel(which is like 5-7 mins from the main building) and borrow one from the hostelites. (Will have to tell you here, that I was in the hostel in my first year but later shifted to my aunts home).I ran to the hostel and on the way stumbled on one of my hostel friend who was walking to college. Explained her the situation and she happily gave me her room keys and instructed me that her lab coat would be on the top shelf of her wardrobe.I opened her wardrobe and checked out the top shelf and picked the white lab coat. I panted for breath after the long run, while everyone was already inside submitting their records and picking their experiment sheets. I walked in as I tried to unfold the lab coat and to my horror,I was holding a pure white petticoat.Yes, I had mistaken a petticoat for a lab coat.After a lot of embarrassment, I was let to do my practical’s without a lab coat for the first time in history of my college.

All I could react was to laugh sheepishly for the next one week till everyone forgot the incident :-)

P.S: Not sure if it would count under humor category


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