Who doesn’t take advantage of darkeness?

Who doesn’t take advantage of darkness? When there is a power cut, all I could think of is to pinch bums. The next moment after a power cut, I would randomly pinch someone’s(who ever is lucky to stand next to me) bum and run away. This continued till the dark day- I was there in some wedding reception in the evening standing besides my mom. At that awesomest moment, when it had gone dark, I happened to pinch my mom’s bum and there was a screech which I easily identified as not my moms. Disastrously, it was some other lady’s bum. Since then I have retained myself from this habit to save other people’s embarrassment.I must have been eight or nine then, when my dad sent me to the nearby store to buy “1/4 kilo current”. The innocent me didn’t know that it was one of my dad’s stupidest game on me. Even now after so many years, the shop owner asks me “ ¼ kilo current venuma?”

And as days passed, I started entertaining everyone with my epic dance moves and lovely singing voice every time there was a power cut. Once my roomie, locked me off the room when she couldn’t handle the torture anymore. Such is the power of my love torture. Do you want some love too? ;-)

And I love power cuts for another one particular reason- which made my dad gift me a laptop. He couldn’t stand any of my nonsensical talks he had to bear during power-cuts. Love him for that.I think that must have been the reason why laptops were born.

And its fun, getting dressed in the dark. Select your favt dress in the dark and match it with your favt shoes.Put on your accessories, if you think anything would go well with it. Try a new hair style, apply masacra, lipstick,kajal and wait for the lights to come back to look at you in the mirror. You will be surprised to see the new you :-P Haven’t you tried it yet? Trust me there is no other ultimate fun in this world.

Now that I have grown, how do I handle these power cuts? I make use of that time, to catch up with my friends and call back all the missed calls I had received since the last power cut.
And not to forget, this has been my conversation starter with people to whom I have nothing else to talk to . “ mine is 10-11..whats yours?” and its easy from there to keep it going.

So what do you do when it is dark? Tagging Kalyani if she isn’t tagged yet :-)

Sorry for not adding links to tag-be kind on this lazy friend:-)


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