P.P.S:People around c2 blogs have been saying nice things about my writing and for the person I am. I am not sure if I live up to even half of it or even deserve it. But my love to all you people around who follows my blog closely for some alien reason I don’t understand. Thank You from every bite of chicken puff.. uff I don’t know what that means…P.P.P.S : P.S is missing? Yes, that was intentional.No, no, not another crazy blog. Fine, it maybe one.
I am addicted to randomness, so I’m going to be just random in this post .Okay? Okay.

1.Something keeps fidgeting in my nose and I have been behaving like Sudheep from Eega(naan-ee) in the process to sneeze. This drama has been happening since morning i.e for last three hours and have failed literally in every attempt to sneeze out that foreign particle. So after losing all hope, I googled on “how to sneeze” and resulted in getting weird ideas. It gives you super 14 ways to sneeze -out of which everything seems bizarre. Want to know what they are? I insist, even if you don’t  Ways to Sneeze
Also wikihow enlightens our mind by saying how to sneeze cutely. I still wonder how one can sneeze so cutely that you would not take your glued eyes from that person. *rolls eyes*
Hereon Sneeze Cutely

2.Some girl called Sahana has managed to woo 50 people ,got married to all of them and even coned them. How is it so easy for her, when I struggle here day and night and haven’t even managed to turn one male-head to look at my side? Shame on me.

3.My other friend who had gone for a vacation to Singapore gifted me a Gucci bag. Oh now wait for it, it’s a fake one (but who knows that ;-) ) Everytime I walk on the floor with my handbag swinging by my side with my hair waving behind my neck like in shampoo advert-people turn to stare with that soft question “ who is that girl?”. Whoo I simply love that attention ;-)

4. One of my colleague(no names disclosed for my security reasons) happened to put a mokka of the highest order,from which I haven’t recovered yet . So here goes the conversation
Me: need some part of an information
Coll: info
Me: what? *rolls eyes*
Coll: info-part of information.
Buddu buddu* wicked Laugh*
Me: *bangs head on the wall*

5. My roomies fiancé has got her an audi car as a wedding gift. I just gave a heavy sigh as my reaction. Anyways I get a ride on that brand new car next weekend.. vrooommm…

6. They ve blocked facebook again. No comments on this.

7. I ve started watching 7C, Saravanan Meenakshi and airtel super singer. Why? Because I have nothing better to do. Needless to say more.

8. And finding a good cup cake in Chennai is like spotting a polar bear in Sahara desert. Do you get the drift? Let me know if you could be of any help on that.

Am done for now.

SO everyone who snoozed, wake up and leave 

Till then-


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