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P.S: If you are a boy, please stop reading when I ask you to do so.
Am sorry for not replying to the previous post’s comments, not that I was busy. But I simply didn’t know what to reply.Is there something like comments-reply-block or commentomania?
Please enlighten me on that.
So one of them asked me, how is that all these humorous incidents happen only to you. The trick is –to find humor in whatever circumstances(read:s$#t) life throws out at you. Okay fine plus my absent mindedness too ;-)
And one of my hostel mate, who is a Viscom student wanted a model errr me ,for a photoshoot;-) yes , that’s true.. she wanted expressive eyes and I still wonder why she chose me ;-)Three reasons why she shouldn’t have preferred me:
One, I am not even relatively close to the models who are featured in the local tv channels ad.
Two, my eyes are the least expressive ones you could spot on a crowded Ranganathan street.
Three… grrrr.. I think I just had two points to say…

But deep down I was all excited about this. I wanted to give in my best expressions;-) I in fact slept thinking about various expressions I could pose –like the ones in classical dances or like a page 3 girl..
Oh wait.. I am not going to start over with how the photo session went. I had already blogged about soit. So I will let it pass.
But you will have to know what happened in the parlor and the after effects.

Okay this going to turn gross from here and I want all the male gender to close this page now :-) 

I haven’t been to the parlor except to get my eyebrows/haircut done. And now, I was here with my ultra-modern roomie who accompanied me in this painstaking task.

The parlor girl, looked at me with a cold stern thinking if I was living under the rock all these days. And she started saying things like” you shud do something to your hair, face, neck and all that.”
So I thought I would start with my hair cut( Mind you , I had just taken a hair bath with my Pantene shampoo then).

Lady: You will have to get your hair wash done
Me: But I just had my hair wash twenty mins back
Lady: *touches my hair* followed by a *frown*” I suggest you wash it again, it’s in a bad condition
Ultra-modern roomie:Don’t argue melani. Do it as she says

So after a wash , I am asked to sit on a rolling chair(read it in Santhanams style) while she comes back with her scissors.

Lady: *frowns at my hair for one more time*
When was your last haircut?

Me: Two months ago
Lady: Where? It’s not done properly
Me: Why? I had it done in bounce. 950 rupees. Senior hair stylist. That’s where even jyothika gets her hair cut….. I instantaneously fired at her
Lady: Okay Okay…I will do it better than them now.. *smiles like a maniac as if trying to pacify me*
And then, I got a cool bleach and facial which made me glow like a 90 watts bulb and the photos turned out as an evidence for it.

Wait, its not over… as I was paying my bill, I beamed at my ultra –modern roomie *posing like a page3 model with my face at a side angle* eagerly waiting for her compliment like” wow, you look fabulous “ or atleast something like that

She: What you didn’t get your hair cut?
Me: I did, see properly

Okay, I come back to office and I walk past my friend ten times for her to notice my new look. But after so many failed attempts, I simply walk to her and say “Hey, look at the new me”
She: uh-huh?whats new in you?

Only one question to ask now: Why me,my Lord?

P.P.S:To All the guys who read this post completely in spite of my bold warning, all you get is my *tongue out smiley*

What were you expecting from my blog anyways? ;-)


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