Of Nothing In Particular

Last night, after having two servings of mutton biryani in my team leads wedding-I swore that I would start dieting(again!!!). I ve put on 57 gms since my last weight check. Since then(Read: last night)the whole world has been conspiring against me and my strong resolute-one of them from onsite has returned and has got ferrero rocher to be distributed. Cursing my bad luck and resisting my urge to ask “ can I take two?”, I behaved decent and took one.. relished the chockie for full 60 seconds and got back to work. Now what? I am craving for chocolate again… therefore I decided to blog –my distracting factor.P.S: I like to kill time and don’t mind helping others do it either(My employer will love me for this). SO there you go, with all the random things I would want to tell you.1.My friend Swathi walked me to Mom and Me showroom.No No.. She is not going to be a mom or was planning to gift some expecting mother. She completely freaked me out when I was told that the stretchable pant she was holding , was for her -given that her tummy was rising liking sensex.

2.I was riding a scooty with my friend behind me and I don’t know what I was thinking when I honked at the speed breaker expecting it to move. The stranger guy who was riding beside me in his two wheeler-smirked at me. I ended up showing him a thumbs up sign and by grinning to glory showcasing all my 34 teeth. Sigh.. Such is my brain-finger coordination. (Do you get the drift?)

3. Bored and have nothing except for biting nails in your to-do list? Watch “dreamum wakepum” song from aiyaa , followed by “open gangnam style” in youtube. Fits of laughter guaranteed.

4.As I write this, I realize it’s a very bad idea to eat cookies when you type. A crumb has settled under the letter “s”. Is “s” the most used word?

6. Everyone keeps asking me the history and geography of my name and I finally ask my dad about it. Instead of answering me, he simply laughed stating that the father drank a glass of water after christening me. And ping ,there was a vision of what must have happened then.

Father: I hereby anoint this baby girl “ Josephine Edel Melani Rayen.F”
*coughs inetensely*
Father: ”may I have some water please?”
Will be back with a most sensible/cheerful post soon..

Till then,
Mel A.k.a Josephine Edel Melani Rayen.F ufff… *does finger exercise*


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