The Brown Girl

When I sat down to watch a movie, I was bothered to see the number of fairness ads telecasted while watching a three hours movie. Why are we so obsessed with fair skin? Does our mindset ever change?

Having taken my dad’s complexion, I have been the darkest kid in my entire family. My parents haven’t treated me any different from my wheatish sister, nor did I have any agony aunt who pointed to me that I was dark. I did not realize that there could be any discrimination; until I was rejected for a prayer song in my school for parents day program-cos the rest of them were all like Barbie dolls. It just pricked me at that instant, but I quickly brushed it aside due to my distracted nature then.

But subconsciously I started trying all the products I could get my hands on from any fairness tube, compact powders to face masks that would promise to make my skin lighter. Also, I stuck only to brown color assuming that it is the only color which would best suit me. I was against wearing white or any light color dresses.

One day, when three of my fair skinned giggly girls and me had gone shopping when we all decided to get a white tunic for another girls birthday party. I gave them indirect messages to go for a brown color but I finally walked out with my white tunic packed in my bag. So we all got dressed and went for this birthday party and I was taken aback when one of my super model like friend (who was also wearing the same dress) told me how she envied me for how I carried myself then. And from her serious tone, I knew she meant what she was saying.That really made me look at the whole thing in a completely different angle. I was told this many a times but now I genuinely believed it.

I realized that beauty is something which is skin deep and doesn’t exactly have to depend on your complexion. I have started accepting my color and it makes me feel really really good when someone addresses me as a dusky or chocolaty person. On the brighter side, I need not worry about how much I would tan after a day out in the hot sun or worry about the temporary dark spots which would not really make any difference on how I look. How much dark circles would be even visible on my face?

What if you are dark? Instead, you might have the best smile, best figure or shiny hair or wonderful cheek bones or sparky eyes. God is not all that cruel you see,he must have blessed you with something of how you look. Find it out yourself, or ask your besties -what’s best in you and flaunt it girl.

It has been a very sensitive topic and I have mustered all my courage to write this, for I felt the urge to share it here hoping that there would be at least one person who silently nods and thinks” this is what I wanted to hear” when reading this post.


P.S: Now don’t ask me or think” But I thought inner beauty is all that matters?”

Yeah I agree, it does matter but still people decide you on how you look before they get to know the actual you.


One thought on “The Brown Girl

  1. three cheers to the strong/confident "woman"..your description..not mine….and contrary to public opinion (what the tv ads people say) man would is attracted to a girl based purely on her color..there may be a dozen reasons sated publicly (or not stated) for why..but fair/dusky is not really on top of the list…so go on..Flaunt it babe…

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