My Brain is switched off

I have been a nonstop talker and a  crazy person all my life. But lately, I feel so grown up and mature which is very unlikely of me. I want to talk and sadly there is no one I could express what I truly feel. Not that I don’t have friends. I have been gifted with wonderful people around me who has seen me in my best and worst. Who has stayed thick and thin.But I go to a switched off mode when I see them or pick my phone to answer their call. I am all ears to every word they speak. I give them solace and say exactly what they want to hear.But there is no updates in my life which I could share with them. No crazy exciting moments or depressing end of world moments. My life seems like a  calm lake-peaceful,placid and soothing. I am worried that this would be it. I need a ripple which would be created when a stone is thrown into that calm lake,which would give you something to resolve,something to look upon.Basically a  change is all what needed.

So coming back- I have nothing to talk about and my life is not exciting as yours. No personal problems, no work issues, no crazy actions and no bad habits which makes my life plain and simple. And if there is only thing which gives me hope-it  is writing. I happened to come across this TED video which says to try anything new for 30 days-a challenge. So I am going to record every single bit of my life for next thirty days in this blog space .I do not have any followers in this blog space which makes me write in-spite of the audience. So there I start….


4 thoughts on “My Brain is switched off

  1. I would be surprised if I get to know that you don’t have readers of your blog. And it takes great efforts to write on blogosphere without readers..And i don’t know much about wordpress but I can’t see an option to follow ur blog. However, I have subscribed to your blog and I hope to read more of your 30 days challenge 🙂 🙂

  2. Ah, followers will come one by one, no worries on that. For a long time, I had nil followers and in a way I wrote for myself and it was fun. It is fun even now but of a different sort. Subscribing to your posts, now on. And I wonder how the brain can be switched off. Look around . . . closely . . . you will find stuff that you haven’t seen ever before. A Coffee mug tells a tale, a pillow has a voice, the phone shrieks for attention, the sky above wants to share its stories.

    Thanks for coming by mu place. And, if you are really serious I can inbox my address to you after I relocate. Deal?

    Keep writing.

    Joy always,

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