A Letter

Well I do have followers here now 🙂  It’s not that am a newbie to blogging… I have my established blog in cognizant network and 100+ people following my blog. And most of them know me by now- blame facebook and office communicator. You can read my archived posts  where I have handpicked a  few from my rant space there.. I desperately need a space where could start fresh all over again. And I believe I am in the right track by being here.

And thank you everyone who has followed me here, I would do something special for you all very soon 🙂

And I read in Susan’s blog of how she misses a hand written letter which made me watch P.S I love you for the nth time again and made me crave even more for a  letter. I don’t remember the last time I got a  hand written letter delivered to me with my name on it. The letters I get these days are mostly from the bankers or my tata photon plus people. I don’t remember the last time I held a letter with a curious mind which could not wait to know what’s written inside.

Call me romantically miserable. But I dutifully wait for a  surprise letter which would make feel  high. I do not care what it would hold—even a “take care” would make me look at it and touch the words a hundred times. And am very sure even the boring minute details would sound interesting when it comes to a handwritten letter. I want the letter to be more than a 10 marks question in the English exam. I wonder why I haven’t implemented what I was taught even for once in my life.

I remember writing to my cousin when we were young and the lovely wait for weeks for her to write back. But these days we are online almost every minute and have nothing to talk about. I even once subscribed to penpals section  on Gokulam –the kids magazine and exchanged letters with another random kid from the magazine. Those days could never be back.

I carve for the nostalgic feeling when you hold a letter in your hand, with your name on the address and keenly look at how well the letters have been clinging on to each other. The blue inland letter, the stamp. Did the sender use a writing pad, how good is the handwriting, the smell of paper and ink, did he use a camel glue or fevistick to paste the stamp? The way words are written,how does he fold the envelope? how does he address me? Dear? Sweety?how it ends? with love? Miss you? hugs and kisses? forever yours?

I would like to receive one such letter.
Maybe I should start by sending out one.. Maybe I will have to Google down my closest post office…


One thought on “A Letter

  1. M, loved this post . . . a beautiful accompaniment to the one I wrote last week. Please do send me your address via FB inbox and I shall write back once I get to Goa. Thanks a ton for the kind mention. Much appreciated 🙂

    Sending you love and peace.

    Have a fantastic weekend.

    Joy always,

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