Its a funny business after all….

Hi guys I have a breaking news… I am getting married (now don’t roll your eyes to heaven questioning me if it’s breaking news, to me-it is!!!)

Yeah my parents have been pushing me into this arranged marriage for quite a long time and it seems that I have finally heeded to what they had to say. More about him in my later posts cos I am yet to know him better. For now, he reminds me of Mouna Ragam Mohan .  Mature, calm, easy going and does anything for his woman’s happiness though he maintains his gethu. In other words, if all other guys whom I know were like colorful crackers which went high with bright colors and thup thup sounds, he seems to be like glowing steady lamp in the darkness and I hear “om” chants one would listen when you meditate.

Okay so coming back, I behave like a samathu daughter in law (maybe it comes naturally). I have been throwing continuous tantrums at home and that’s when I release that I am really really getting married. And people around me very often get emo and I fail to understand the reason. Mom gets senti almost every night and I do not know how I am supposed to deal with that. So I echo hello thrice and disappear  next second blaming my bad phone network. Ask my mom and she would not recommend my phone network to anyone.

Meanwhile,there is a shopping spree going on which makes me believe that 24 hours a day is not enough.Salwars, sarees, gold, footwear and a lot more. Nobody denys anything I ask for. And dad has generously deposited his money on my bank account which is steadily declining everyday. You have to see the people in jewelry shops which makes me believe that gold must be cheaper than coriander leaves.

And I did not know that there were so many varieties in saree. Tussar silk, silk cotton, benaraes silk,mysore silk , soft silk and the list keeps growing. So I simply got one in all of them. And then it started for my whole family and surprisingly my sister, my mom and even my pakatu veetu aunty has got max number of sarees than the bride itself. . .cruel world. Tch tch.

On top of this, I have to deal with annoying tailors, select my cake structure designs, prebridal work and also remain sane and decent at the same time. Somebody please teach me that magic.

And I go mad with the number of advices I receive every day. It’s like (5*number of people I meet every day). How am I supposed to store all of it in this peanut sized brain?

And also the attention and pamper I receive makes me drown in happiness. Overwhelmed,ectasy and I rise and fall down the sine curve of emotions for every half an hour. I need a  hide out…

My birthday came and went and surprisingly I have got three recipe books as my birthday gift. And the common interesting note which did strike me was that I have cooked lunch for all the three. What am I to infer from that? Anyways I went through all the recipes and bookmarked all the good looking dishes.

Apart from it, I got so many other gifts and that’s the best part I liked in my birthday except for the French loaf chocolate cake and my green sari which was also part of the gifts I received. And a special birthday surprise from THE HUSBAND GUY. How I wish we had two birthdays in a year.

And the most annoying of it all is when someone asks me why have I settled in for an arranged marriage. For those, i ve never trusted myself in finding Mr. Right and I needed help and my parents rescued me.

Talking about murphy’s law, I have all the cute and super model crushes talking to me now. I was in the same floor all these days.. sigh 😦

Also, I was sent to a pre wedding class handled by the church and they easily spoke with ease on how to make babies. I simply gaped at them with my mouth like a  gold fish.  I set my life time goal the next minute- have three kids and raise them into good human being thereby adding to the population explosion. Finally I have my own goal…

Conclusion: Marriage is a funny business. Agree? No agree? Tell me what you think and don’t forget to wish me good luck dears 🙂


One thought on “Its a funny business after all….

  1. Congrats and all the best for the beginning of a new phase in your life. Enjoy all the adulation and pampering for this is the only time it will be so. Happy shopping and happier time with your friends and family.

    Joy always,

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