Arranged marriage through the eyes of three different people

ImageThere I walk with my daughter with our fingers entwined dearly. I march beside her with my head up as a proud father. She accepted the guy whom I believe would be the best for her. I have treated her like a princess since the day her mother brought her to this world. I hope this guy whom I have found treats her the same way and that they would have a happily ever after. There he waits, who would be my son-in-law in few minutes and with whom my dear daughter would share the rest of her life. He is gentle and his smile says it all. I am happy I found him.

I here stand clad in my wedding suit. There she walks with her dad clasping his hand firmly like there is no tomorrow. She looks better in this white saree. Maybe sarees have slimming effect on woman. And I hope my intuition in choosing her doesn’t prove me wrong. Will she accept me and my family as we are? Will she embrace our differences and grow together with me? God, bless this wedding and make it a successful one.

The girl attired in her white saree: Dad seems to be happy. I could sense his pride which has brought a small curve on his lips and crinkles the corner of his eyes and they seem to glisten in happiness . Dad has always been my hero and I don’t remember the last time he has made a bad decision. And I blindly trust him on this decision of his. He can’t be wrong. Dad turns his head to look at me and I see the smile that ends in his eyes. And his smile is damn contagious and I start smiling too. Boy , here I come to you. It will never go wrong I say.



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