This post is a part of an initiative by Chennai Bloggers’ Club. Around 30+ bloggers have written about “ What Chennai Means to Them” . You can read  a wonderful post on the same written by Rama here who passed the wand to me. Thank You ..

I was a home bird and did not want to step out of my comfort zone till I was done with my school. And  I opted for colleges in my hometown, but my dad insisted that I come out of my  cocoon and got me enrolled in an engineering college in Chennai. I called it quits couple of times and ran away home to stay back there. But every time I went home I had my dad to bring me back like a boomerang. But today, I do not want to leave this city for thousand reasons I could think of. Thanks to my dad …

Every time I drive in the city, I recollect my  treasured memories associated with every street, every hotel and every roadside tea shop. This city taught me everything one would need-right from friendship,love,humanity,adventure,music,movies,book and what not. I grew to be a better person only in this city.You can read about the food specialties of Chennai here.

The best thing I love about Chennai is that it’s the safest city of all. Unless you mess with anyone or anything this place is safe like your home. I feel nostalgic when I think of the corner seat in coffee shop at ispahani center, the pani puri stall/guy opposite to Little Italy,the morning walks in marina beach, the drive to Eliot’s every weekend, Easwari lending library, Primas Bakery,St.Theresa’s  Church,S.V Sekars dramas in Vani Mahal,R J Balaji,Sathyam theatre’s creamy donut and the haram pants from spencer plaza.

My golden period of my life was spent in this blessed city and I would cherish all the memories I have of it. Chennai might not be perfect, but I would still love it with all its flaws.

It feels home to be in this city.

Now I pass this over to Sulaiman Sait who loves poetry of all forms.


7 thoughts on “Madrasapattinam

  1. The blog tag post was short and crisp, as mentioned by the above commentator. More than that, I liked your tag-line and the food specialties of Chennai post. In spite of being a veggie, I was able to note down four dishes I need to taste imm. near anna nagar. Thank you……….. 😀

    Destination Infinity

  2. Did read about the foodie post, you have great taste bud. I will try the ones where I have not stepped in.

    I had a friend, my classmate from Thrissur, Kerala and I know how tough Chennai would have been, He would often run back to his home town. Good that you got the taste of Chennai soon.

  3. Awww, Melanie… I don’t know you, but you sure sound like me. I too would go running back home whenever I got the change (and this was after I got married and came to this city, something’s never change.) And I too have grown to love the little moments and spots that make this place a second home, like the St. Theresa’s church you mentioned ( i love that place!!!) and Easwari lending library…

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