Disappointments never cease

CCD was their regular meet spot. Like every other day she sent him a text. Expecting him while she sat in her cozy corner couch. The waiter recognized her with a friendly smile.He wondered how she never gets tired of ordering Devils Own every single day. Her gaze then shifted to her mobile screen waiting for it to flash his name. Also,she constantly glanced at the door hoping to catch a glimpse of his face which would bring a smile on hers. The mobile flashed. But,this time it was her mother on call asking her where-abouts. On the other end her mom sighed after she hung her daughters call. Meanwhile, the devils own was placed on her table. She melancholy smiled at the sight of the drawn milk heart on her coffee. She hesitated to stir the coffee.

Her phone never blinked for the last one hour now. She took her cup and stirred the heart being lost in her own thoughts. Alone. He never turned up even today. Like yesterday. Like days before that. Like the last four and a half months. He never ceased to disappoint her.


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