End of World

The world never knew that their love existed. They hid it from the rest of the world. Their love was pure and unconditional. He escaped his evening classes to chit chat with her in the park. She woke up with his morning message every day. He walked her home when she was late from work. He brought her food when she was lazy to cook. He got her pills when she was sick. He was her everything. Now, few men in their white shirts and pants carried him home. People who were dressed in black entered his home holding wreaths in their hands. She heard screams and loud cries from people inside. His dog was forcefully pulled outside and was tied to the tree beside his house. The gravity of the situation just hit her. He is dead and lay in his coffin box.


She was frozen having watched all this from the house opposite to his. Her eyes were puffed and red. She did not make a noise. Her tears smoothly ran down her pink cheeks. For years and years. It took her years and she has not recovered yet. Accepting the fact that her world was taken away from her.



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