Thus God wrote a beautiful love story

That was an arranged marriage. Mythili and Nikhil spoke for two long hours about their partner expectations. They knew they were totally different from each other but they had a strong intuition that it would work. They were engaged in the next two weeks. Unlike other to-be-married-couples they did not have long phone conversations or meet-say-hi-have-coffee evenings either. They hardly spoke which made them come across as a weird pair from the rest of the world. Two months later they were married and Mythili moved to his place.

Things were different again. Different people, different eating habits, tiring commute to office every day. Every day seemed new and adventurous. As days passed by, they got used to each other. They went around the city in their two wheeler, watched movies together, visited relatives, had meals together just like every other normal couple. They were more like good friends who spoke from their heart.

Two weeks later, she sat back to introspect and found that there was no spark in their relationship. Though she was not sure what exactly is the spark that she was referring to. Maybe it was something like getting flowers when he got home or having dinner in fancy restaurants on every lazy Saturday or taking her to the beach to watch the moon together. Yeah she lived in her fantasy world. Blame Indian cinema for that. She was not sure if it  was too much to expect all this in two weeks of her married life. When she expressed this to him, he said those ideas were filmy and asked her to step out of her fantasy world.

But she was proved wrong. That love did come in different forms. Never has to be a fancy date or expensive gifts. That it could be simple things like not disturbing his sleeping wife when he returns home late from office, waking her up early morning after switching on the water heater so she gets her extra ten minutes sleep, slicing her favorite fruit and casually putting it on the desk when she works on her laptop, when he slips a bar of chocolate in her hands every morning, when he wears t-shirts most cos that’s what she likes him wearing, when he sets alarm to wake her up to work, when he stays calm when she creates a ruckus, when not complaining for having chosen her, when gently stroking her hair when she is asleep and planting a kiss on her forehead, when he sneaks inside the kitchen to help his wife who is struggling with the chapatti dough, when he gets her everything without she asking for ,when he takes care of every single thing that she need not be worried about anything else in her life.

And that day when she knew that she was in love with him, she made his favorite ginger tea and waited for him to come home that night. Since that day, she’s felt butterflies in her stomach every time he comes home.  And thus, God wrote a beautiful love story in their lives 🙂

P.S:  Add grated ginger pieces to your normal tea for a perfectly fine ginger chai.

P.P.S: this is my best Valentine’s day since I woke up with my husband gifting me an earring and a box of chocolates 🙂 last year I had to beg my friends to get me a bouquet cos I was a miserable single 🙂


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