What’s up life?

Hello awesomewala people 🙂

I am waking up from my snooze mode.

Its been three years since I have posted anything on this blog.

This blog was once my flesh and blood before I got married and I abandoned it once I got married and especially when my lil munchikin was born.

Talk about a busy mom, who hardly has time to comb her hair or drink a hot cup of coffee.

Grr… I am exaggerating my situation. It honestly wasn’t that bad, but I became a lazy mom.

I am not that kind of mom who wakes up before her husband and son and makes them fresh breakfast.

But a badass mom, who makes breakfast the previous night so that you get some extra sleep and snuggles J

So yeah, let me fill in of what happened in my life while I wasn’t here.

Read it in a fast loop mode J

Oh yes, the halabulah wedding, the pregnancy and the labour, the newborn, the post partum depression,the milestones and some Kodak moments, followed by some mini vacation, some serious arguments with husband, starting to lose my cool moments, set in post partum depression again, comes in lil boys first birthday,  getting back to work, hating work place, find nothing interesting in office except for the food choice available there, enter a new manager, too much of workload, manager decides to make work life a hell, gives into the stress, quits job, happily stays at home, comes in job abandonment letter, fights with the corporate, yells and screams and curses the corporate world, gets into big time depression, meets behavioral therapist and after few sessions decides to be her own boss, starts her own blog which grows to be an online store, starts a cool moms facebook group, enlightens mom and becomes a satisfied person, lil ones second birthday comes and goes, and then the Chennai floods, my mother in law decides to leave this ditchy world and lil one gets dengue, does some soul searching again and finally comes to a conclusion that she was born to be a  mother, so decides to have another baby and gets pregnant again.

Apart from that, I have made few friends and enemies for life 😉

My little one goes to school and I get some spare time to write something like this.

So let’s start from here.

I have subscribed to Netflix and watch some awesome shows everyday.

I started with orange and the new black and now I am hooked with the weeds show.

If you are vetti like me, don’t skip this nice chance to watch a show which doesn’t give you back anything to reflect but has you addicted like the actual weed J

I also eat out a lot, also cook some awesome meals at home when my mood permits. I intend to take you through that amazing journey through this blog recipeandrestaurantreviews.com.

So please watch out that space to see what is new in town or where to eat when you are completely broke.

Also, for some serious mom’s stuff I write here at www.littlefingersatwork.com. I guess I am good at it, since I have so many people visiting and reading my blog on everyday basis.

So you tell me, what has been happening in your life?



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