A Kiss to Remember

Few days back while I had nothing to do, I happened to listen to this song from thangamagan.

If you haven’t watched that song before, it is about a newly married couple who got hitched (arranged by their parents) and their blooming romance.

Somewhere during the song, they happen to have their first kiss.

The scene goes like this; Dhanush comes home after being soaked in rain and Samantha trying to offer him a towel.

The heat rises, there is a short mind battle deciding to lock their eyes or move away. But the situation gets intense and they settle on to have their first intense kiss.

Here on the other side of the TV, I have almost transported back in time trying to remember my first kiss with my husband.

ERRRRRR…. Mind goes blank. I don’t really remember.

I tried to shake my head assuming it would bring back my forgotten memories.  Nope. In Vain.

I then ask my partner in crime if he happened to remember any tiny little details about it(usually he forgets what he had for that breakfast). He made guesses about it. Pheww!!

Today, I am going to bring back every kiss memories I have in my head.

Was it on the wedding night when we decided to make babies?

Was it when we sneaked into my mom’s dusty store room?

Was it on our first train journey together, when we decided to take advantage of the first class ac compartment?

Was it when I left the first day to work after wedding?

Was it on a sleepy night when I opened doors for him after he came home from work?

Was it on his bday night, when he wasn’t really surprised on his surprise bday party?

Was it when I told him I was pregnant?

Was it when he left to his work trip for a month?

Or was it when he came back?

I don’t really remember any of this.

But I remember two kisses being powerfully etched in my mind.

Nope they weren’t passionate liplocks like the movies.

But they were sweet quick pecks on my forehead.

One, when I decided to go hometown for my baby’s delivery.

Two, the moment I came back from my operation theatre he was so happy that I was safe and gave me my most memorable kiss J

Yes, that is a kiss to remember J well, kisses to remember 😉


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