Life is too hard.

At times life is hard. The burden is too heavy on you like a huge truck loading you.

It becomes a hard pill to swallow.

The people who know you don’t really know what is beneath you.

They see the smiling lips on your face and assume that all things are picture perfect in your life.

Whereas you have been hiding all the ugly pieces under the carpet for someone to lift it and carelessly sway it and expose your horrid parts of your life in open for all of them to laugh at.

I worry a lot. Many a times I brush aside those thoughts as my escape mechanism.

I sincerely hope that the curtains raise and the scenes change. I do not know what should be the next scene, but I sincerely.. sincerely hope that all ends well.

Meanwhile God is my only hope. I have never seen him and never will I see him again. But just the thought of him gives me comfort like a warm blanket on a cold night.

I am going to take solace and wrap myself in the blanket so firmly for all this to be over and for me to wake up to a pleasant scene.


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